The first Christian Singles of New Orleans began early in 1981.  It consisted of singles groups from several churches coming together once a month for a combined event.  These events continued for only about six months.

In the spring of 1988, Christian Singles of New Orleans re-emerged, and this time the ministry was in existence for six years.  CSNO thrived for most of this time.  It was a highly structured group that included membership, officers, an extensive constitution and bylaws, and various committees.  Christ-centered fellowship events were well-attended by singles from churches in the Greater New Orleans area and also from the Northshore.  But, because of the amount of time and energy necessary to maintain this ministry, toward the end of the six years, the leaders were ready for a break, and since no volunteers came forward to fill their positions, the group ended.

Since that time, one CSNO event was held:  Living The Faith Conference at Williams Boulevard Baptist Church on October 12, 2013. 

Currently, CSNO serves singles by being a source of information for them through this website — providing helpful resources and a community calendar.


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